The slideshows below show a few photographs of the Doller Valley in Alsace.  The valley runs up to the the Ballon d'Alsace, a col 1,247m above sea level in the Vosges mountains, which was the first col ever to be used in the Tour de France.  The River Doller which gives the valley its name starts high above the village of Dolleren at Fennematt, and runs down to Pont d'Aspach at the lower end of the valley.  The small market town of Masevaux (pop. 3,500) serves as a centre for the middle and upper part of the valley, and its secondary school is named after the town's most famous son: Conrad Alexandre Gérard (b. 1729), who was France's first ambassador to the newly independent United States.   The town is also famous for its floral displays, and won the first prize in its category nationally in 2001.


Storks nest at Sentheim, where they were reintroduced 30 years ago after their population in Alsace had declined dramatically.  This year there were 27 nests in the village, mainly on special platforms built to support the weight.  There is also a stork reserve at Cernay, in the parallel Thur Valley.  Several families of beavers live along the banks of the Doller, and can sometimes be seen at twilight, while deer, wild boar and other animals live in the forests on both sides of the valley.



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Office de Tourisme, Masevaux 

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