William Jones was a coach maker who lived in Bath in the second half of the 18th century.  He married Sarah Hoffman in St Swithin's Church, Walcot, on 25 August 1788, and had at least three children:





Charles Luderwick Jones

John Jones

William Jones




m. Mary Greenaway, 1819

m. Harriet Gibbs, 1813

m. Harriet

Little else is known about William, but Sarah was probably the daughter of Lewis Hoffman and his wife Ann Berriman, and was baptised at St Mary's Church, Rotherhithe on 12 February 1766.  The surname Hoffman was very uncommon in England at the time, and rarely found outside the London area: Lewis was the grandson of Christian Hoffman who came to London from Friesland (Denmark) around 1700.  ("Luderwick" is a variation of the name Lewis.)


Charles Luderwick Jones, oldest son of William and Sarah, was baptised at St Swithin's Church, Walcot on 29 September 1789, and his unusual middle name (also found as "Lewdewick" on some records) is a variation of his maternal grandfather's name.  He became a carpenter, and married Mary Greenaway in St Swithin's Church on 5 January 1819.  They had three children:





James Greenway Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Ellen Jones




m. Charles Tyrrell, 1849

Mary died relatively young, and Charles then married Elizabeth Gullick in St Swithin's Church on 7 November 1839.  He had four more children with Elizabeth, but only one survived past infancy:






Mary Jones

Charles Jones

William Jones

Martha Jones





Charles died at the age of 63 and was buried at St Swithin's Church on 17 July 1853.  Elizabeth died in Bath in 1873.

John Jones was baptised in St Swithin's Church, Walcot on 12 April 1791, and learned the trade of a saddler.  His wife Harriet Gibbs was born in the nearby market town of Midsomer Norton in about 1786.  They were married on 6 September 1813 at St Peter’s Church in Bristol, and had five children:







Esther Gibbs Jones

Frederick Jones

Harriet Louisa Jones

Emma Eliza Jones

John Jones






m. George Norman, 1844

m. Constantina Lear, 1839

m. Edward Sylvanus Appleby, 1855

The 1841 census records John and Harriet living at 4 Bridge Street, Bath with the three younger children.  The family remained at this address until John's retirement in the late 1850s, when he moved to 12 Hays Belle Vue, Lyncombe, Bath, and another saddler took over the Bridge Street address.


Harriet died at Belle Vue Cottage on 28 January 1864, and a coroner’s inquest decided that her death was due to “Visitation of God from Apoplexy”!  The following year John married Harriett Spillman in Widcombe on 15 June 1865.  Harriett was a widow who had previously been married to Edmond Adams: she was born in Berkeley, Gloucestershire in 1816.


John died in Bath on 16 December 1870.  After Harriett died in 1902, the surviving executor of John's will appears to have encountered some problems in contacting the beneficiaries, and newspaper advertisements were placed asking them to get in touch.  One of the advertisements refers to his son John, who "is believed to have been a Saddler Serjeant in the Cape Mounted Rifles and at Cape Corps Camps Grahams Town Cape Colony South Africa in 1855."



William Jones, youngest known son of William and Sarah, was baptised in St Swithin's Church, Walcot on 8 December 1799.  He followed a similar trade to his father, becoming a coach trimmer, and by the mid 1820s he had moved to London.  He married a woman from Norfolk named Harriet, and had at least three children:





James William Jones

Frederick Henry Jones

John Jones




m. Jemima Eliza Baddock, 1846

m. Elmina Waterfield, 1850

In 1851, William and Harriet were living in Marylebone with their youngest son John, but all three seem to have died before the following census in 1861



Elizabeth Jones was baptised in St St Swithin's Church, Walcot on 15 June 1823, and is the only child of Charles Luderwick Jones and Mary Greenaway known to have survived to adulthood.  She moved to London, probably to work, and had an illegitimate daughter there:



Mary Ann Jones


Elizabeth then married Charles Tyrrell, a porter, in St George's Church, Bloomsbury on 4 March 1849.  Charles was baptised in Isleworth on 2 April 1817, and was the son of Robert Tyrrell and his wife Sarah Baxter.


The couple had four children:






James Charles Tyrrell

Emma Ellen Tyrrell

Elizabeth Sarah Tyrrell

Jessie Eliza Tyrrell





m. Maria Clay, 1870

m. Charles Parsons, 1898

m. Charles Edward Goodall, 1876

m. John Bird Bassil, 1881

Charles died in Marylebone in 1879, and Elizabeth soon afterwards.


John Jones and Harriet Gibbs’ oldest daughter Esther Gibbs Jones (whose first  name was also frequently spelled Hester) was christened in Bath Abbey on 14 June 1814, and married George Norman, a travelling salesman, there in 1844.  George was christened on 30 May 1814 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, the oldest son of another George Norman and his wife Sarah. 


George and Esther had five children:







Emma Elmore Norman

George John Norman

Alfred Harold Norman

William Matthew Norman

Harriet Norman






m. Caroline Jane Marsh, 1877

m. Francis Kenyon Parker, 1880

The family lived in London until the early 1850s, when they moved to Oxford, where the 1861 census records them at 14 Museum Terrace.  George is picturesquely described as a “Traveller in Tailoring”.  George and Esther both died in Oxford in 1870. 


George and Esther's daughter Harriet Norman married Francis Kenyon Parker, an architect from Sheffield, in Bath in 1880, but was left a widow at the age of 40, and went to live with her unmarried sister Emma in Portsmouth.



Frederick Jones was christened in Bath Abbey on 7 September 1815, and like his father John Jones followed the trade of a saddler. He married Constantina Lear at St Mary Redcliff, Bristol on 6 January 1839.  Constantina was christened in Lyncombe, Bath on 13 December 1818, the daughter of a hairdresser named Thomas Lear and his wife Constance Bryant.


Frederick had a daughter, whose mother was presumably Constantina Lear:



Constantina Mary Jones


m. William John Higgs, 1866

However, Frederick and his wife are never shown living together on census returns, and their daughter's birth does not seem to have been registered.  (Civil registration only started in England in 1837, and although it was theoretically obligatory, not all births were registered in the early years.)  From Constantina Mary's age on various records, it appears that she was born either just before her parents' marriage or imediately afterwards.


On the 1841 census, Frederick’s wife “Constantia Jones” is recorded in her parents’ household at Cornwell Buildings, Bath, but Frederick and Constantina Mary are not with her. 


Frederick is equally elusive on the 1851 census, but in 1861, Frederic Jones (sic), a Bath-born saddler of approximately the right age, is living with his wife Jane Lusinda (born Bath c1834) in the parish of St Clement Danes, Westminster.  The same man is a widower in 1871, and disappears after that census.  It is, of course, a common  name, but it seems relatively unlikely that there were two saddlers named Frederick Jones born in Bath at roughly the same time. 


Constantina is a little easier to trace, and in 1851 she is living alone in St Dunstan, Stepney, listed as Constantine Jones, a married dressmaker.  Ten years later, on the 1861 census, she is shown living in Tower Hamlets with her "husband" Thomas H Jones, a bonnet maker. (His surname here is probably an error.)  She actually married Thomas Henry Trye much later, on 25 July 1871 at St James the Great, Bethnal Green, and the marriage certificate states that she was a widow.  A little earlier in 1871, however, the couple was already listed on the census under the name Trye.  Thomas was a bonnet presser, born around 1823 in Whitechapel, son of Hardwick Shakespear Trye.


The 1881 census shows Constantina and Thomas Henry rather sadly as inmates of Mile End Old Town Workhouse, living separately in the male and female sections.  Constantina died there in 1884, and Thomas Henry in 1898.


It seems likely, therefore, that Frederick and Constantina's marriage broke down fairly quickly, and the couple separated.  Divorce in England at this time was not only complicated, but prohibitively expensive, so subsequent relationships were inevitably unofficial, regularised only if (and when) the former partner died; in 1871, therefore, we presume that Constantina either knew or believed herself to be a widow. 



Harriet Louisa Jones, the third child of John Jones and Harriet Gibbs, was christened in Bath Abbey on 2 July 1817.  She had a long-term and somewhat mysterious relationship with Edwyn Dowding, a solicitor whom she named as her husband on her children's birth certificates.  Edwyn was christened on 28 April 1811 in Dodington, Gloucestershire, the youngest son of landowner John Dowding and his wife Sarah Chapman.


Harriet and Edwyn did not live together openly, and Harriet left Bath for the births of her first two children.  On censuses and street directories she is listed as Harriet James, a widow, while the children's marriage certificates give their father's name as either Edwyn Jones or Edwyn James, solicitor.  However, Edwyn seems to have provided for the family, and remained single until his death, so perhaps it was the Victorian class system which made a saddler's daughter an unacceptable wife for someone of his social standing.


They had five children:







Edwyn Jones Dowding

Helen Jones Dowding

Geraldine Jones Dowding

Louisa Jones Dowding

Florence Jones Dowding






m. Eliza Pople, 1878

m. Richard Brodribb Harding, 1875

m. John Robert Jennings, 1875


Harriet, Helen and

grandson Robert Charles

Harriet went to London for the birth of her first child, and aparently left him there in the care of a foster-family.  In 1851, she was living with her parents under the name Jones, but within a short time she had her own home in Lyncombe, Bath, where she brought up her daughters.  According to the 1861 census, she had a private income ('fundholder"), and until Edwyn's death, none of the children worked for a living.


Edwyn died of a stroke on 16 May 1872, and during the following decade, Harriet and her three surviving daughters all moved to Manchester.  Harriet is recorded as a visitor in her daughter Louisa's household in Chorlton on Medlock in 1880, and although she was photographed in a Bath studio in the early 1880s, she died of chronic bronchitis in Thomson Grove, Ardwick, on 20 December 1887.  Her daughter Helen, who registered the death, was living at the same address.



John Jones and Harriet Gibbs' fourth child Emma Eliza Jones was christened in Bath Abbey on 13 June 1819.  She married Edward Sylvanus Appleby, a stationer, at St Thomas à Beckett, Widcombe in 1855.  Emma and Edward had no children, and when their niece Harriet Norman was orphaned at the age of 15, she came to live with them for a while.  Emma died in Bath in 1883, five years after her husband.



James William Jones, oldest known son of William Jones and Harriet, was born in London in about 1826 and became a shoemaker.  On 21 December 1846 he married Jemima Elizabeth Baddock, daughter of Henry Baddock and Mary Ann Jackson, in St Mary's Church, Paddington.  They had seven children:









Frederick Henry Jones

Mary Ann Frances Jones

Henry William Jones

Daniel Jones

William John Jones

James Jones

Alice Jones








m. William Frederick Makepeace, 1875

m. Eliza Potipher, 1876

m. Sophia Armsworth, 1876

James died in Marylebone on 31 July 1860, and after eight years of widowhood, Jemima married Joseph Marks, a saddler, in 1868 and had two more children.  She died in Marylebone in 1875.



Frederick Henry Jones, son of William Jones and Harriet, was born in London in about 1827, and married Elmina Waterfield at St Matthew's Church, City Road on 16 June 1850.  At the time of his marriage he was a mercantile clerk, but he later worked as a grocer, and finally as a druggist's assistant.  Frederick and Elmina raised a family of ten children:












Maria Bessie Jones

Elmina Jones

Harriet Jones

Mary Jane Jones

Frances Jones

Ellen Jones

Elizabeth Kate Jones

Frederick William Jones

George Waterfield Jones

Ruth Clara Jones











m. John William Smith, 1880

m. Henry Boutland, 1881

m. George William Lawrance, 1882

m. James Forsyth, 1883

m. William John Crowe, 1888

m. Ada Louisa Gordon, 1896

m. Annie Andrews, 1894

m. Alfred Dwarber Dodson, 1896

Elmina died in Bow in 1880, and Frederick died in Rotherhithe in 1904.



Elizabeth Sarah Tyrrell, daughter of Charles Tyrrell and Elizabeth Jones, was born in Westminster on 5 October 1853, and baptised in St Martin in the Fields on 21 December 1856.  She married Charles Edward Goodall, a porter, in St Pancras Old Church on 13 August 1876.  Charles was born in Leamington, Warwickshire on 25 July 1852, and was the son of Edward Goodall and his wife Sarah Goodall. 


Charles and Elizabeth had thirteen children, but the names of two who died in infancy are not known:













Eveline Annie Eliza Goodall

Charles Edward Herbert Goodall

Lily Emily Goodall

Arthur James Goodall

Stanley Percival Goodall

Sidney Tyrrell Goodall

Mabel Ethel Goodall

Harold Albert Goodall

Dorothy Violet Goodall

Winifred Amy Goodall

Hugh Gerald Goodall












m. Gertrude Helen Weatherley, 1902

m. Edward Tibbles, 1904

m. Ethel Emily May Dickens, 1911

m. Elizabeth Chubb, 1915

m. Horace William Wenham, 1920

m. Gladys Emily Swinbourn, 1918

m. Edward J Brookes, 1919

m. Gertrude Brooks, 1922

Stanley Percival Goodall was killed in action in Flanders during WW1 while serving in the Royal Fusiliers.


Charles died in Harlesden on 17 December 1925, and Elizabeth died in Hillingdon on 5 December 1943.



The youngest child of Charles Tyrrell and Elizabeth Jones, Jessie Eliza Tyrrell, was born in Marylebone in 1860, and married commercial traveller John Bird Bassill in 1881.  John was born in Sheffield in 1861, and was the son of George Bassil and his wife Catherine Ann Bird.


John and Jessie had six children:








Reginald John B Bassill

George William Charles Bassill

Emmeline Jessie Louise Bassill

Victoria Florence Bassill

Mildred Violet Bassill

John Bird Bassill







m. Sydia

m. Annie Emma Hearn, 1907

m. John Williams, 1916

m. Rosalind Elsie Bullock, 1920

Reginald John B Bassill emigrated to Canada in 1905, and served with the 11th Canadian Mounted Rifles during WW1.  He married during the war, but his wife's name is unknown.  He later moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he is recorded on the 1940 US census with his (second?) wife Sydia.


John, Jessie and their two unmarried daughters moved at some point to Windsor, Berkshire, where John died on 31 December 1942 and Jessie on 3 December 1945.

William Matthew Norman, son of George Norman and Esther Gibbs Jones, was christened in North Hinksey, near Oxford on 3 May 1853.  He became a clerk, and moved to London, marrying Caroline Jane Marsh in Camberwell in 1877.  Caroline was born in Coventry in 1850, and was the daughter of William John Marsh and his wife Mary Ann.


William and Caroline started their married life in London, before moving to Walthamstow for several years, and finally returning to Lambeth.  They had five children:


1.  Maud Ethel Norman

2.  Car Harold Norman

3.  Horace William Norman

4.  Muriel Norman

5.  Stanley Norman






m. Edith Mabel Sage, 1909

m. Mabel Mildred Lane, 1913

Strangely, Stanley Norman seems to have been christened twice: firstly on his own on 20 January 1889 at St Michael and All Angels Church, Walthamstow, and then in the same church on 16 March 1891 along with his older siblings Horace and Muriel.  It is possible that the first christening was a private one (perhaps performed hastily because he was not expected to live) and the second a formal reception into the church: there is no death for a Stanley Norman in the area between the two christenings, and according to the 1911 census, his parents only had five children, all of whom were still alive at that point.


William died in Herne Hill on 26 February 1919 and Caroline died in Norwood on 14 November 1949, not far short of her centenary.



Constantina Mary Jones, daughter of Frederick Jones and Constantina Lear,  was born in Bath in 1838 or 1839 (although one census gives her birthplace as Bristol).  She was apparently brought up by her paternal grandparents, John and Harriet Jones, and is shown with them on the 1851 and 1861 censuses - recorded once as "Constance" and once as "Mary".  She married William John Higgs, a carpenter, at St Mary’s Church in Lambeth on 31 March 1866.


William was born in Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire on 19 September 1841, the son of Moses Higgs, a farmer, and his wife Hester Barton.  He and Constantina had 3 children, all born in London:


1.  William John Higgs 

2.  Elizabeth Rose Higgs

3.  Mary Esther Higgs




m. Jane Caukwell, 1891

m. George Edward Cordell, 1892

Constantina died in 1890 at the age of 52.

Edwyn and Harriet's first child, Edwyn Jones Dowding (also known as Edwyn Dowding James), was born in Vauxhall, Surrey on 12 August 1849.  His mother returned home to Bath after his birth, while Edwyn apparently remained with what would now be called a foster-family, appearing as a "nurse child" on the 1851 census under the name Edwin Jones.  Later he may have been fostered by a family named Wynter, which he also used at times as a middle name.  The only time Edwyn is recorded with his mother and sisters is on the 1871 census in Bath.


Edwyn was living in Kingsmead St, Bath when he married Eliza Pople in Bath Register Office on 3 October, 1878; on the marriage certificate his occupation is given as Sheriff’s Officer.  Eliza was born in Bath in 1859, the youngest child of George Pople, a labourer, and his wife Ann Bullen. 


Eliza and Edwyn had four children, all born in Bath:


1.  Edwyn Thomas James

2.  Edwyn Charles James

3.  Sydney James

4.  Amy Louisa James





m.  William Henry Chambers, 1918

Around 1880, Edwyn started working as an auctioneer's porter, and continued in this line of work for the rest of his life.  Sadly, his two oldest children died young, and his wife Eliza died of pneumonia on 11 June 1894, aged just 35.  A year later, Edwyn married Elizabeth Emily Hutchings at St John's RC Church, Bath on 24 August 1895.  Elizabeth was born in Lyme Regis, Dorset in about 1853, and her father, William, was a cooper.  She was in a similar position to Edwyn, having been left a widow with several young children when her first husband William Harding died in 1894.


Edwyn and Elizabeth had one child, born in Bath:


Ellen Florence James


Elizabeth died in 1901, and Edwyn found himself a widower once again.  It proved too difficult for him to look after his three surviving young children, so Amy and Ellen were sent as boarders to a convent, while Sydney remained with his father.  Ellen is believed to have died in childhood, but Amy remained in the convent for several years. She learned to repair lace, and went to the houses of the local aristocracy to mend their lace curtains, always remaining close to her brother Sydney.


Edwyn died of cancer of the tongue in Bath on 20 October 1907, having apparently lost touch with his mother and sisters since they moved to Manchester.  His survivng children had never known their aunts and cousins, and believed themselves to be alone in the world.  The Manchester branch of the family seems to have been equally unaware they still had relatives in Bath.


Sydney James joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in WW1, and became a corporal.  His battalion was sent to Belgium in October 1914, and participated in the first battle of Ypres, as well as the battles of Neuve Chapelle, Aubers, Festubert and Loos.  Sydney died of wounds at La Neuveville on 1 April 1916, just before he was due to return home on leave to be married.  He is buried in Corbie communal cemetery near Amiens.



Geraldine Jones Dowding was born in Beechen Cliff, Lyncombe on 2 October 1853, and was the first of Edwyn and Harriet's children to be born in Bath.  She grew up with her mother and sisters in fairly comfortable circumstances, and married Richard Brodribb Harding, a chemist, in Bath on 25 November 1875.  On the marriage certificate, her maiden name is given as Jones, and her father as Edwin Jones (deceased), a solicitor.  The couple were married in the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Vineyards – a chapel belonging to a Calvinistic Methodist denomination founded by Selina, Countess of Huntingdon in the second half of the 19th century, which is now home to the Bath Museum of Building. 


Richard was born in Bath, in the parish of St Swithin, in 1848, the only child of chemist Richard Osman Harding from Bristol and his wife Anna Maria Brodribb.  The Hardings were apparently a dynasty of chemists, as Richard Osman’s brother, Thomas Tuck Harding, is variously recorded as a “chymist”, druggist, and manufacturer of soda water in contemporary directories and census returns.  Another brother, John Alfred Harding, was also a chemist and druggist before attending medical school and becoming a surgeon.


Geraldine and Richard had eight children, but only the names of five are known at present:







Anna Florence Harding

Lily Maria Harding

Frederick Osman Harding

Sydney Charles Harding

Alice Maud Brodribb Harding






Lily and Frederick died in infancy, and in the early 1880s the family moved to New Cross, Manchester, where Geraldine worked as a dressmaker.  Anna Florence (known as Florence) was not with her family on the 1891 census: she was living as a boarder in Wiltshire, probably at a small private school.  Richard died in Manchester in 1897 at the early age of 49, and Sydney Charles died in Manchester three years later, aged just 19. 


Geraldine died of pulmonary tuberculosis on 11 April 1912 in Prestwich Union Workhouse Infirmary, Crumpsall. The death was registered by her daughter Florence, and she is buried in Philips Park Cemetery, Manchester.  Geraldine was not a permanent workhouse resident at the time (her address on the death certificate is 30 Long Street), but either she could not afford treatment elsewhere, or the workhouse infirmary was the only local hospital for infectious diseases.  The Prestwich Workhouse Infirmary was built in about 1868, and the architect was Thomas Worthington, a Salford Unitarian committed to social reform and improvement.  Unlike earlier workhouse infirmaries, Prestwich was designed to provide plenty of light and ventilation for the patients, so Geraldine was luckier than many working class invalids of the time.



Louisa Jones Dowding, youngest surviving daughter of Edwyn and Harriet, was born in Beechen Cliff, Bath on 14 March 1856.  Like her mother and sisters, she is recorded with the surname James on  censuses, but gave her maiden name as Jones when she married John Robert Jennings, a musician, in the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Bath on 13 October 1875.  The witnesses at the wedding were Louisa's sister Geraldine and future brother-in-law Robert Brodribb Harding.  John was born in Bath in 1853, the son of John Jennings, a boot maker, and his wife Mary Hawkins. 


The couple left Bath very soon after their wedding, and two months later were living in Mornington Street, Chorlton on Medlock where their daughter was born.


Amy Louisa Jennings


Unfortunately Louisa and John's marriage did not last, and by 1881 they had separated: Louisa continued to live in Chorlton on Medlock (and later Hulme) with Amy, while John set up home with his second wife Mary in Salford.  After Amy's early death in 1893, her orphaned daughter Alice Maud lived with Louisa, and is wrongly listed as Louisa's daughter on the 1901 census.


Louisa died of acute gastritis on 12 September 1905 in Plymouth St, Manchester. The death was registered by her sister, Helen, and she is buried in Southern Cemetery. 



Henry William Jones, son of James William Jones and Jemima Eliza Baddock, was born in Marylebone on 14 August 1852, and baptised there on 10 October 1852.  As a young man he worked as a druggist's assistant, and by the mid 1870s he had moved to Brighton, where he married Eliza Potipher on 22 November 1876.  Eliza was born in Brighton on 22 March 1858, and was the daughter of George Potipher and his wife Eliza Parrish.


Henry and Eliza had three children:





William Henry George Jones

Elizabeth Alice Jones

Maud Ellen Jones




m. Rosalind Emily Constable Funnell, 1896

m. James William Wright, 1903

m. Harry Warman, 1908

By 1891, Henry had become a house painter, and followed this trade for the rest of his working life. 


He died in Brighton on 2 January 1916, and Eliza died there in 1926.



William John Jones, son of James William Jones and Jemima Eliza Baddock, was born in Marylebone on 11 July 1855, and baptised there on 2 September 1855.  He became a butcher, and married Sophia Armsworth in St Matthew's Church, Marylebone on 5 March 1876.  Sophia was born in Marylebone on 6 July 1857, and was the daughter of William Armsworth and his wife Sarah Winters.


The couple had one child:



Dorothy Louisa Jones


m. Walter E Smith, 1917

Sophia died in Wandsworth in 1955 at the age of 98.



Maria Bessie Jones, oldest child of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in St Pancras on 3 January 1851, and baptised there at the age of three weeks.  She worked as a furrier before her marriage to John William Smith at Christ Church, Spitalfields on 30 September 1880.  John was born in St Brides, Middlesex in about 1850, and was the son of William and Mary Ann Smith.  He worked as a railway clerk. 


John and Maria had two children:




John William Smith

Lilian Bessie Smith



m. Annie Summerfield Groves, 1909

m. Francis Cyril Hayles, 1913

John died in Bermondsey in 1931 and Maria died in Camberwell in 1935.



Harriet Jones, daughter of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in Horton, Middlesex on 25 November 1854, and was baptised in St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch on 12 August 1860 at the same time as her younger sisters Mary Jane and Frances.  Like her older sister Maria, she worked as a furrier for at least ten years prior to her marriage.


Harriet had an illegitimate daughter in 1876, whose birth was registered with what was presumably the father's surname:



Clara Bessie Yull


Harriet then married Henry Boutland at St Boltolph's Church, Aldergate on 13 October 1881.  Henry was born in Shoreditch on 26 December 1856, and was the son of William Boutland and his wife Sophia Howe.  He was in business with his brother Charles as "Bonded Carmen, Carriers and Contractors", but was declared bankrupt on 15 November 1881, very shortly after his marriage.


The couple moved to Baughurst, Hampshire, and had two children:




William Henry Edgar Boutland

Violet Gertrude Sophia Boutland



m. Florence Annie Merritt

m. Harold Wilfrid Sidney Jermy, 1920

By the time the 1891 census was taken, Harriet had gone blind, and she died later the same year in Tadley.


Henry returned to his old occupation of horse contracting, and moved to Berkshire where he married Amelia Hartridge in 1898.  He had another daughter with his second wife, and died in Romford in 1925.



Mary Jane Jones, daughter of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in Hackney on 28 May 1857, and was baptised along with two of her sisters in St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch on 12 August 1860.  She married George William Lawrance, a clerk, in Holy Trinity Church, Mile End Old Town on 3 June 1882, and had three children:





George Alfred Lawrance

Edith May Lawrance

Violet Gertrude Lawrance




m. Daisy Elizabeth Payne, 1909

m. William Henry Norkett, 1912

m. William G Wade, 1926

Census returns after their marriage show George working as a process server and bailiff to Clerkenwell County Court.


Mary Jane died in Hackney in 1947 at the age of 90.



Ellen Jones, daughter of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in Hackney on 30 August 1862, and was baptised in St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch on 21 September 1862.  She married James Forsyth, a tailor, in St Mary Magdalene's Church, Bermondsey on 14 July 1883, and had six children:








Ellen Rosina Forsyth

James Frederick Forsyth

Arthur Richard Forsyth

Isabella Elizabeth Forsyth

Albert Percival Forsyth

Frances May Forsyth







m. Charles Horace Edwards, 1909

m. Ellen Greenfield, 1910

m. Lilian Annie Mindenhall, 1922

m. Cyril Roderick Harold Park, 1917

James died in Forest Hill on 26 March 1930, and Ellen died in Wandsworth in 1940.



Elizabeth Kate Jones, daughter of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in Hackney on 10 December 1864, and was baptised in St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch on 15 January 1865.  She married William John Crowe, a shipping clerk, in All Saints Church, Haggerston on 5 March 1888 and had five children:







Florence Kate Crowe

William Ramsey Crowe

Edmund Charles Crowe

Walter Alfred Crowe

Cecil Leslie Crowe






m. Montague Froud, 1921

m. Ethel Mildred Burtenshaw, 1928

William died in Hackney in 1928.



Frederick William Jones, the eighth child and first son of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in Holborn on 28 November 1866, and baptised in St Luke's Church, Finsbury on 31 March 1867.  He worked among other jobs as a silk tie cutter, and married Ada Louisa Gordon in St James' Church, Hatcham on 19 September 1896 .  They had two children:




Frederick Gordon Jones

Ada Ethel Jones



Frederick died in Earls Court on 26 June 1935.



George Waterfield Jones, son of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in St Lukes, Middlesex on 5 Oct 1868, and baptised in St Luke's Church, Finsbury on 15 November 1868.  He became a publican, and married Annie Andrews in St Saviour Southwark in 1894.  They had two children:




George Frederick Waterfield Jones

Winifred Jones



m. Clara Burke, 1913

George died in Southwark in 1944.



Ruth Clara Jones, tenth and youngest child of Frederick Henry Jones and Elmina Waterfield, was born in Bow on 9 March 1872, and baptised in St Mark's Church, Dalston on 16 January 1901.  As a young woman she worked as a draper's assistant before marring Alfred Dwarber Dodson in All Saints Church, Islington on 28 March 1896.   Alfred, a publican, was born in London on 2 March 1874, and was the son of Thomas Blossom Dodson and his wife Elizabeth Dwarber.


Alfred and Ruth had two daughters:




Doris Elizabeth Dodson

Sybil Doris Blossom Dodson



m. Arthur Held, 1917

The girls seem to have boarded with relations or friends as children.


Ruth died in Islington on 25 May 1908 aged 36, and Alfred then married Barbara Annie Latham in 1914.  He died in Romford in 1935.



Charles Edward Herbert Goodall, oldest son of Charles Edward Goodall and Elizabeth Sarah Tyrrell, was born in Chelsea on 4 February 1879 and baptised in St Jude's Church, Kensall Green on 11 May 1879.   He worked as a jewel case maker, and married Gertrude Helen Weatherley in All Souls Church, Harlesden on 26 June 1902. 

The couple had two daughters:



Stella Lily Goodall

Katherine Helen Goodall



m. Harold George Jaeger, 1928

m. James Francis Ratcliff, 1936

Gertrude died in Wandsworth in 1941, and Charles died in Worcester Park, Surrey on 18 March 1962

Lily Emily Goodall, daughter of Charles Edward Goodall and Elizabeth Sarah Tyrrell, was born in Marylebone on 19 April 1881, and baptised there on 3 Juy 1881.  As a young woman, she worked as a jewel case liner before marrying Edward Tibbles, a commercial traveller, in Hendon on 11 June 1904.  Edward was born in Willesden on 17 September 1879, and was the son of George Tibbles and his wife Ann Meeds.


George and Lily had four sons:






Leslie Edward Tibbles

Jack Eric Tibbles

Gerald Ernest Tibbles

Ronald Charles Goodall Tibbles





m. Miriam Agnes Jackson, 1929

m. Olive Muriel Gillam, 1928

m. Edith M Brook, 1932

m. Elsie Minnie Leopold, 1934

Edward served in the Motor Transport section of the Army Service Corps during WW1, and was posted to Italy from 1917 to 1919.


Lily died in Surrey in 1962, and Edward died three years later in Stockport, where their oldest son was living.



Sidney Tyrrell Goodall, son of Charles Edward Goodall and Elizabeth Sarah Tyrrell, was born in Willesden, and baptised in St John the Evangelist's Church, Kensall Green on 12 May 1892 at the same time as his older brother Arthur John and younger sister Mabel Ethel.  He became a postman, and married Elizabeth Chubb in St Mary's Church, Willesden on 13 February 1915.


Sidney and Elizabeth had three children:




Sydney Ernest Goodall

Reginald Edwin Goodall

Albert A Goodall




m. Peggy Fielder Watts, 1942

Sidney served in the Navy during WW1.  He died in Ealing on 30 March 1951.

Mabel Ethel Goodall, daughter of Charles Edward Goodall and Elizabeth Sarah Tyrrell, was born in Willesden and baptised in St John the Evangelist's Church, Kensall Green on 12 May 1892 along with two of her older brothers.  She seems to have been brought up by her maternal uncle, James Charles Tyrrell and his wife Maria Clay, who had no children of their own.


In 1920, Mabel married Horace William Wenham, and had four children:






Stanley William Wenham

Charles Herbert Wenham

James Wenham

(possibly living)




Horace died in Kensington in 1956, and Mabel died in Uxbridge the following year.



Harold Albert Goodall, son of Charles Edward Goodall and Elizabeth Sarah Tyrrell, was born in Willesden, and baptised in St John the Evangelist's Church, Kensall Green on15 June 1893.  He served in the Royal Flying Corps (the forerunner of the RAF) during WW1, and married Gladys Emily Swinbourn in Emmanuel Church, Paddington towards the end of the war, on 27 July 1918.


Gladys and Harold had one daughter:



Gwendoline Goodall


Gladys died in Exmoor in1968 and Harold in 1974.



George William Charles Bassill, second son of John Bird Bassill and Jessie Eliza Tyrrell, was born in Kentish Town in 1882, and married Annie Emma Hearn in Basingstoke in 1907.  The couple moved to Coventry, where George worked as a shop assistant, and had two daughters.  (This branch of the family adopted a different spelling of their surname from 1911 onwards.)




Greta Edith Bassile

Yvonne Jessamine Bassile



George died in Coventry on 23 January 1923 at the age of 40, and Annie died in Brighton in 1954.



Mildred Violet Bassill, daughter of John Bird Bassill and Jessie Eliza Tyrrell, was born in Camden Town in 1888, and married John Williams in Windsor in 1916.  They had one daughter:



Mary J V Williams


Mildred died in Windsor in 1967.

John Bird Bassill, youngest son of John Bird Bassill and Jessie Eliza Tyrrell, was born in Portsmouth on 3 October 1910, and married Rosalind Elsie Bullock in Wolverhampton in 1920.  The couple had two children:



Brenda B Bassill

John Bird Bassill



m. George A Jeffries, 1943

The strangely-named Car Harold Norman, son of William Matthew Norman and Caroline Jane Marsh, was born in St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, and spent most of his childhood in Walthamstow before moving to Lambeth with his family.  He worked as a wholesale farrier's salesman, and married Edith Mabel Sage in Lambeth in 1909.  Edith was born in London in 1883, and was the daughter of William John Sage, a commercial traveller, and his wife Clara Hems.


Car and Edith had one daughter:


Margaret Edith B Norman


m. Raymond Boxall, 1941

Edith died in Croydon in 1951, and Car in 1957.



William John Higgs, oldest child of William John Higgs and Constantina Mary Jones, was born in Kensington in 1866, and followed his father's trade as a carpenter and joiner.  He married Jane Caukwell in Chelsea in 1891, and the couple spent their married life in the London area.  Jane was born in Chelsea in 1865, and was the daughter of cab driver Frederick Caukwell and his wife Sarah Carter.


William and Jane had one daughter:


Lilian Sarah Higgs


m. John Thomas Alexander Waddell, 1921

William died in Chelsea in 1937.

Elizabeth Rose Higgs, daughter of William John Higgs and Constantina Mary Jones, was born in Brompton, Middlesex in 1868, and learned the trade of a dressmaker.  She married George Edward Cordell, a widower, in Kensington in 1892.  George was born in Shoreditch on 26 September 1854, the son of plumber Thomas Cordell and his wife Ann.  He was an oilman and colourman - someone who sold oils, paints, candles, hardware, brushes, cleaning materials, and so forth. 


George and Elizabeth had one child:


George William Cordell


m. Hilda Muriel Smith, 1916

George died in Chelsea on 11 September 1909, and in 1911, Elizabeth's unmarried sister Mary was living with her and George William, who was a junior clerk in a shipping agency.  Elizabeth died in Putney on 6 December 1914.



Amy Louisa James, daughter of Edwyn Jones Dowding (or James) and Eliza Pople, was born in Bath in 1892, and spent part of her childhood as a boarder in a convent after her stepmother Elizabeth Emily Hutchings died in 1901.  She was left an orphan at the age of 15, and her only surviving brother was killed in WW1, having previously made her promise that whatever happened, she would not remain in the convent and become a nun.


Amy went into service in London, and married William Henry Chambers in Chelsea in 1918.  William was born in Birmingham in 1886, and was the son of Robert Chambers, a gunsmith,  and his wife Sarah Ann Bernice Dixon.


William and Amy had seven children:


1.  Sydney John Chambers

2.  Dorothy Elizabeth Chambers

3.  Eileen Winifred Chambers

4.  Robert Henry Chambers

5.  Marion Josephine Chambers

6.  James Chambers

7.  Bertha Patricia Chambers








When Sydney was a baby, the family emigrated to Canada, where William died in 1966 and Amy in 1971.



Amy Louisa Jennings, only child of John Robert Jennings and Louisa Jones Dowding, was born in Chorlton-on-Medlock on 3 December 1875.  Her parents separated when she was a young child, and for a while her aunt and maternal grandmother lived with her and her mother.  Amy was just 17 years old when she gave birth to a daughter:


Alice Maud Jennings


m. David Jackson, 1921


Alice's birth certificate states that her father was Reginald Jennings, a mercantile clerk, but no marriage is recorded between him and Amy.  Tragically, Amy died of acute peritonitis on 1 April 1893, when Alice was less than three months old, and her death certificate refers to her as the "widow" of Reginald Jennings, although there is no record of a death in this name in the correct time-frame.  


Alice was therefore brought up by her grandmother Louisa, and is wrongly recorded as Louisa's daughter on the 1901 census.  Louisa died in 1905, and Alice went to live with her great-aunt Helen, and later with Helen's son Charles and his wife.  


Like so many of her generation, Alice suffered the heartbreak of losing a fiancé in WW1, but she later met and married David Jackson, a nephew of Charles' wife Sarah Potts.



William Henry George Jones, oldest son of Henry William Jones and Eliza Potipher, was born in Brighton in 1877, and worked as a printer's machininst.  He married Rosalind Emily Constable Funnell in the Church of the Annunciation, Brighton on 12 December 1896, and had at least nine children:











William George Henry Jones

Rosalind Emily Eliza Jones

Maud Jones

Albert Edward Jones

Alice Dorothy Jones

George Jones

Christopher Jones

Arthur Jones

Beatrice B Jones










m. Harry Frank Hadfield, 1919

m. Marjorie Olice Warman, 1933

m. Winifred Sharman, 1955

m. Thomas H Newton, 1942

William died in Brighton in 1937 and Rosalind in 1957.



Elizabeth Alice Jones, daughter of Henry William Jones and Eliza Potipher, was born in Brighton in 1879, and married James William Wright, a house painter, in Hendon in 1903.  They had one daughter:



Doris Edna Wright


m. Clifford Firbank, 1929



Maud Ellen Jones, daughter of Henry William Jones and Eliza Potipher, was born in Brighton on 20 May 1883, and married Harry Warman in Willesden in 1908.  Harry was born in Folkestone in 1886, and was the son of Thomas Hall Warman and his wife Emma Cuthbert.  He was recorded on the 1911 census as a billiard cue maker, but later became a hairdresser.


Harry and Maud had five children:







Cissie Maud Warman

Ronald Harry Warman

Leonard Arthur Warman

Marjorie Olive Warman

Peggy Joan Warman






m. John C Cook, 1930

m. Violet Lilian Graimes, 1931

m. Albert Edward Jones, 1933

m. Arthur J Wood, 1941

The couple divorced, and Maud married Arthur Albert William Plaine in Brighton in 1948.  She died in Hackbridge, London in 1960.



John William Smith, oldest child of John William Smith and Maria Bessie Jones, was born in Bow in 1880, and married Annie Summerfield Groves in Barnet in 1909.  Annie was born in Hemington, Leicestershire in 1881, and was the daugher of Robert Groves and his wife Catherine Hooley.  The couple had four sons:






John Summerfield Smith

George R Smith

William H Smith

Herbert G Smith






Lilian Bessie Smith, daughter of John William Smith and Maria Bessie Jones, was born in Bermondsey on 31 May 1886, and married Francis Cyril Hayles in St Anne's Church, Bermondsey on 12 July 1913.  Francis, a sollicitor's clerk, was born in Lambeth on 11 January 1886, and was the son of William John Hayles and his wife Juliette Raymond.


Frank and Lilian had two children:




Gladys Lilian Hayles

Leonard John Cyril Hayles



m. John Charles Williams, 1941

m. Martha J Thomas, 1940

Francis died in Fernhurst, Sussex on 22 January 1945, and Lilian outlived him by over fourty years, reaching her 101st birthday before dying in Stockport in November 1987.



William Henry Edgar Boutland, son of Henry Boutland and Harriet Jones, was born in Pamber, Hampshire on 14 August 1884.  He emigrated to Australia in 1910, settling in Brisbane, where he worked as a butcher.  He married Florence Annie Merritt, and had four children:






William Frederick Victor Boutland

Marjorie Bertha Boutland

Vera Florence Boutland

Violet Mary Isobel Boutland



m. James Bolton Clark, 1935

m. John Roy Gilbert

Florence died in Brisbane in 1922, and William died on 1 February 1935 in a boating accident while on holiday in Manley, shortly before a planned trip back to the UK with his daughters.



Violet Gertrude Sophia Boutland, daughter of Henry Boutland and Harriet Jones, was born in Tadley, Hampshire on 25 August 1888, and married Harold Wilfrid Sidney Jermy in West Ham in 1920.  Harold was the son of James Walter Jermy and his wife Sophia Guymer, and was born in Bethnal Green on 18 January 1897, but he added three years to his age when he joined the Army in September 1914, claiming to be 20 rather than 17.


Harold and Violet had one son:



Harold Wilfred Sidney Jermy


m. Joyce K Armstrong, 1949

Harold died in Battersea in 1944, but Violet lived to the age of 100, and died in Bromley in 1988.



Edith May Lawrance, daughter of George Wiliam Lawrance and Mary Jane Jones, was born in Hackney on 20 May 1889, and married William Henry Norkett, a pianoforte finisher, in St Mark's Church, Dalston on 6 April 1912.  The couple had five children, including two sets of twins:







John William Norkett

Jean Norkett

Mollie Norkett

Edie Norkett

May Norkett






m. Frederick Dingle, 1951

m. Robert Attree, 1948

m. Frank A Smith, 1947

m. Gordon Stanley, 1946

William died in Hackney on 26 March 1947, and Edith died there in July 1984.



Ellen Rosina Forsyth, oldest child of James Forsyth and Ellen Jones, was born in Finsbury on 8 April 1884, and worked as a tailoress before her marriage in 1909 to Charles Horace Edwards, a tram conductor.  Charles and Ellen had five children:







Horace Arthur J Edwards

Frances M Edwards

Rosina Lily Edwards

Phyllis M Edwards

Grace G Edwards






m. John W Edwards, 1933

Charles served in the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) during WW1, and was killed in action on 7 July 1916, during the first week of the Battle of the Somme.  He has no known grave, but is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme.


Ellen never remarried, and died in Hove in 1975.



James Frederick Forsyth, son of James Forsyth and Ellen Jones, was born in Bermondsey in 1886, and worked in the fur manufacturing trade.  He married Ellen Greenfield in Camberwell in 1910, and had three children:





Violet Ellen Forsyth

William Frederick Forsyth

Doris M Forsyth




m. Arthur G Prescott, 1936

James died in Wandsworth on 3 October 1966.



Albert Percival Forsyth, son of James Forsyth and Ellen Jones, was born in Bermondsey on 1 March 1892, and served in the 16th Lancers during WW1.  He married Lilian Annie Mindenhall in Lewisham on 1 June 1922, and had two children:




Norman Percival Forsyth

Audrey B Forsyth



m. Beryl Joan Martin, 1953

m. Tom Geoffrey Allison, 1944

Albert died in Taunton in 1956, and Lilian in 1981.


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