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One branch of the Huguenin family apparently left the canton of Neuchâtel very early, because a certain Jean Ferdinand Huguenin was born in Faourg, on the opposite side of Lake Neuchâtel in 1660.  He married Marguerite Corne, daughter of the mayor of nearby Avenche, and their son Jean Huguenin emigrated from Switzerland to Holland in the early 1700's.  Jean married Anne Desmoulay of  Wasquehafte, and their descendants served in both the Dutch and Prussian armies. Their grandson, Ulrich, was ennobled by the Prussians, and his line consequently adopted the name Von Huguenin.



Louis Huguenin (-Elie) (b. Le Locle, 20 June 1734 ) served in the Swiss Army in the Netherlands under the command of General Sandoz. He arrived in the Hague in 1765, and settled there, marrying Jeanne Françoise Reyroux, and establishing a second Dutch branch of the Huguenin family.  The Huguenin-Elie family are the descendants of Elie Huguenin (b. before 1582), g-g-g-grandson of Vuillemin Huguenin, who was born in the early 1400’s.



Aimé Grandjean-Perrenod-Comtesse (b. Les Ponts-de-Martel, 05 February 1792) travelled across Europe on foot via Hamburg, London and Paris until he came to the Netherlands.  He worked as a bank clerk in Germany and as a baker’s assistant in France, before enrolling in the Dutch army.  He married a Dutch woman called Jacoba Wilhelmina Walraaven, and died in an accident in Belgium in 1830. His parents were Simon Grandjean-Perrenod-Comtesse and Julie Pètremand, and his paternal line in the canton of Neuchâtel has been traced back to Jehan Perrenoud alias Contesse, who was born before 1443.  More information about his descendants in the Netherlands can be found on Sebastian Grandjean-Perrenod-Comtesse’s web page (in Dutch).  There is also a branch of the Grandjean-Perrenod-Comtesse family in the former Dutch colony of Indonesia which is probably an offshoot of this line.

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