"I'm the "Anglo" half of the partnership, and at different times, I've been a youth counsellor, personal assistant, English teacher and full-time mum to our 4 children.  Apart from the hobbies I share with Jean-Marc, I am involved with our local music society, where I sing and play the flute"


"I am a biologist and work as an analyst in Medical Information. I was born in la Chaux-de-Fonds, I studied in Neuchâtel and have worked in Cambridge, UK.  Now I cross the Swiss border every morning to work in Basel."




As you might guess from this site, we share an interest in genealogy, photography and the outdoors.  Our research into family history has led us into various aspects of local history and social movements, all of which we have tried to share with you here.


We currently live in a mild state of chaos in Alsace (east France) with our 4 children, a labrador and a fluctuating number of cats.  Some photos of the region, and in particular the lovely Doller Valley can be seen here.



We will do our best to reply to all queries as quickly as possible, but at times we have a lot on our plate, so please be patient!